Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good Morning

I know it has been a dreadfully long time since I have
posted anything. I assure everyone I am alive and well,
just busy working on the yard and doing some things
in the house. First up our backyard.
We had the patio installed last summer and I love
going out in the evenings and sitting in the chairs
to read. This area receives the morning sun so by
the evening it is a nice cool place to sit.

Second up is our laundry room. It began as an unfriendly
space which didn't help that it was a place one of my least
favorite tasks to complete also has to be taken care.
The room is small and an odd shape so it was not
very conducive to storing cleaning items. So I was able to
persuade my husband to stack our washer and dryer
and add cabinetry in the laundry room to store things.

He being very handy said he would install them
(especially after the guy at HD told him it would cost
$900 to install them - evidently it is a flat rate and the cost
obviously is for a full kitchen to be installed not my little
laundry room). The cabinets arrived right before we went
to Disney but it has turned out to be more of a project
than he thought. First the laundry room had to be painted,
then the washer and dryer had to be stacked. My husband didn't
like the way the builder had installed the drain for the
washing machine so that of course had to be remedied.
The large cabinet was then put into place next to the
washer and dryer he has the doors off right now so he drill
access holes in the back to shut of the water
in an emergency (my idea - every once in a while
I have one) and to get to the power supply for the washer
and dryer which is next on his list. Yesterday he hung
the set of cabinets over the laundry sink.
Which I was very excited about.

Here is the cabinet next to the washer/dryer
I will take more pictures once the room is
completed, but I can't wait to have actual
storage for cleaning stuff.

And finally - I wish I knew how to insert a
drum roll but just pretend you hear the drum
roll because yes actual stitching has also taken place.
I received my needlework system 4 stand and I
love it - absolutely love it. I am working on my
Long Dog Sampler which I had taken a break from
because I didn't like the way the Qsnaps irritated the
silk floss I am using. I put it on the stretcher bars
I originally tried to use for it and viola I am now
working on it in my Master Bedroom sitting room
in the evening while watching TV


This chair I love - my mom found it believe it or not
on the side of the road she has a knack for that. She
had it recovered and I became the recipient of it.
When she had it recovered whoever owned
it previously had hid inside the seat post cards
old newspaper and some other items which
were pretty neat to look at because it
gave us an idea of the age of the chair.

and here is the progress so far on my Long Dog Sampler.
I thought working with one color would be fun and fast given
no color changes. However, this sampler takes longer
because I have to use a highlighter to mark what I have
completed because the design has so many of the
same repeats just one or two stitches over.
I will be glad when I finish it because it is going to hang
in my home office. I think I am going to have a red sampler wall.
At least that is the thought for now - we shall see.
Hopefully my next post will occur a little sooner than this one.