Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a week....

A lot has went on this week.
I decided to take the week off.
Plans were to attend Lance's Open House,
go to the water park, do a little shopping,
a little stitching and whatever else we
were in the mood to do.

The night before the Open House
I received an email thanking me for volunteering
to be one of the Room Parents....WHAT???
I quickly responded and said I had signed up to volunteer
and I am pretty sure I didn't select Room Parent.
Since those moms are usually
at the school all the time.

Thinking it had all been taken care of
I go to the Open House.
The teacher starts off by thanking me
for being the Room Parent.
I quickly explained that I really don't have
the time commitment to be at all
the parties and functions
that take place during the year.
Evidently the other mom didn't sign up for it either
because the teacher looked at me
with a smile on her face and
told me she doesn't have a Room Parent.
She assures me it is just coordinating and
sending emails, but we shall see.
We then spent the afternoon at the water park again.
Which was a good call since the weather started
to take a turn later in the week due to the impending
visit of Hurricane Irene.
Well yesterday was definitely a little rainy here.
However, that didn't stop me and one of my friends
enjoying another friends Longaberger Open House.
Where I was able to pick up these beauties
as part of her cash and carry.
We were so close to In Stitches our local
needlework store that we of course had to stop by
and peruse the selections.
I picked up some NPI silks as well as this beauty...

Had to have the new Blackbird Designs Sampler book.
It is a beauty and so worth picking up.

While we were there one of the young ladies had
her finished Anniversaries of the Heart
which is absolutely beautiful.
She worked on it as they were released.
We were able to see her work in progress at the
lock-ins held at In Stitches.
It was wonderful to see the beautiful piece completed.

Well when I planned to take the week off
the intent was to spend time with my guys
before they all start go back to school.
As well as get some things done around the house.
Stitch a little.
Spend some time with a friends.
Little did I know
the earth below me would decide to shake.
I would indeed be a Room Parent for the 2nd grade.
Followed by a visit from Hurricane Irene.

Not exactly everything I had planned for the week.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


This weekend is my needlework groups retreat!

I always look forward to this opportunity to get away.

Love my guys but this trip does not include them!