Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas
and received everything you ever wanted.
Ours was good. I spent most of my time
baking and then hosted my family at our
house on Christmas Day.

When Santa dropped off Lance's dog
early he left a letter for Lance.
Here is proof Santa did visit our
house Christmas Eve. He asked
Lance to leave out cookies which we
did and apparently Santa only takes one bite.
Must be because of all the houses he has
to stop at and probably wants to avoid cookie overload.

Today has been spent taking the kids to
pick up items with the Christmas money
they received and the rest of my day once
I am finished here will be spent stitching.
Tomorrow morning as long as the snow we are
beginning to receive isn't too bad - I along
with one of my stitching pals will be making
the trek to In Stitches for the early opening and
they encourage pajama wearing...which for the
first time I will be doing.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday and
staying warm and safe!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guild Holiday Party

This past Saturday was our guild holiday party.
In addition to seeing members during the holidays.
We have a luncheon, ornament exchange and stitching gift exchange.
We also invite vendors in and this year we had a record number.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to grab my camera,
so I don't have photos of all the vendors or the luncheon.
I am not even sure where to begin in listing all our wonderful vendors.
Here goes - web links are included if I could find a website for them.

We Had.......

LaChatelaine, The French Needle, Graceful Threads,
Kathy Barrick and her Jewelry.

I also set up a booth with my Longaberger
baskets and just have to share the
design-a-basket I had made for our guild.

The colored splints are maroon and black,
with house tacks and a personalized lid.

In addition to the 7" Round Keeping set,
it is available in the following sizes
Medium Market, TV Time and
Small Berry. If your interested let me know
or if you are interested in a basket designed
for your own guild or group let me know.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A little early present...

Well most people will think I we have
completely lost our minds and you know
what I think I would have to agree with them.

Our youngest has asked for his own dog for a year.
It even made it on his Christmas list.
We currently have three dogs.
My husband and I decided well each kid
does deserve to have their own dog.
So Santa made an early pit stop at our house.
Apparently according to the note it is too cold
for little doggies to stay in the
North Pole so they went ahead and dropped off the little one.

So Lance had a little bit of a surprise when he got home

and so did our three dogs...

Shuey our current Shih- Tzu might be liking the fact
we now have a girl Shih-Tzu....

The other two didn't quite know what to make of
this fourth one showing up.

With a little help from me we now have a Lola.

My mom may be a little surprised by
the name since it was her mother's name....
Hope my Mamaw doesn't mind.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Tea

I am fortunate to live near
Oatlands Plantation which is a beautiful
historic home located in the foothills
of Virginia's horse country.

During this time of year they
offer holiday teas for the season.
Lance and I took my mom
he wasn't too sure about it since
it was mainly girls and women
I think he enjoyed being
with his mom and Nina
but maybe it was the fact they gave
him his own hot chocolate pot
to keep at our table.

Each child that attended received
an ornament which is the silver
Christmas tree sitting next to his plate.

I had to take advantage of him
being all dressed up.

The three of us after our tea.

Lance and I before we left our house.
I have learned to cherish all the little
boy things he does because they grow up
way too fast and are no longer little boys
but grown men.

A gentleman my husband works
with gave him this coin and he
thinks it is the coolest thing ever.

Not quite sure what this really means.
This is what happens when your son spends
an evening with your very hip brother and
he feels the need to teach him something.