Monday, December 12, 2011

Exciting News....

Well as I am sure many of you who
may read my blog have realized that there
really hasn't been a lot of stitching showing
up on my blog. Well there is a good reason for that.

I have been diligently working behind the scenes
to begin my antique sampler reproduction, adaptation,
as well as original design business.

I am happy to announce I have two samplers
completed one with a model stitcher now and
several more in various stages of production.

My designs are exclusively distributed by Kelmscott Designs.
Please visit me at my new blog

Friday, December 2, 2011

Back Home...

Well I have just been on a whirlwind trip.
Started last week going to Greenville, SC then
thru Asheville, NC which was a beautiful drive.

to get to Kingsport, TN for Thanksgiving.

Back home and then off to Michigan
to visit my in-laws. We spent
the night at Frankenmuth which always
includes a visit to Zehnder's for Dinner.

We then did some Christmas shopping
at Bronner's the World's Largest Christmas Store

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where did the time go???

Apparently I have turned into the worst
blogger in the world.

Is there an award for that?

It has been forever since I have had
an opportunity to blog and a lot
has happened

Went to the beach - had a wonderful time
with my stitching pals.
It was so good to get away from all
the day to day responsibilities

I was able to finish a couple of projects
and they will be off to the framers
this weekend. I will share photos and
more information once they return.

This past weekend our neighbor hosted
the first annual alley party. The street I
live on all houses have the garage in the back
so there is an alley that runs behind my house.
They provided the beer and brats.
We needed to bring a side.

I made this wonderful pumpkin mousse.

This weekend is my guild meeting which
always is a good time with the ladies.

I will do my best not to let so much
time go between my posts.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Seems like September has been
a whirlwind at my house.

School is in full swing

I get to have my first Room Parent
meeting next week
- oh goody!!!!

Cub Scouts has started
anybody want some popcorn?

I am taking classes.

Work is busy as ever
- fortunately.

I purchased a few antique samplers
over the past few days.
Many are ones I feel like I may have saved.
- one is very special.

I am working on a secret project
that I will be able
to start sharing about in a few weeks
- if all goes as planned.

A stitching friend of mine has a beach house
that I will get to visit very soon.
No work, no husband, no kids and
a whole lot of stitching going on.

In the meantime here is a photo of
my last visit to the beach.

Such tranquility to look forward to.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of an era

This past weekend my husband
finally made the decision
to let the car that belonged
to his grandfather go.

My husband has very fond
memories of his grandfather
and spent a tremendous
amount of time with him
and his grandmother

Fortunately I was able to meet
and get to know them as well.

My husband's grandfather
taught him how to fish
and survive in the bush.
His grandparents had a
cottage someplace in Canada
that had minimal modern
conveniences, but apparently
they all loved it.

It was here they fished,
played, spent time together.

His grandfather taught him
how to fix things - which I
thank him dearly for.
My husband's father isn't a
handyman - so those skills
would not have been passed on by
him, so it was his grandfather
that taught him wood working,
how to fix the plumbing,
how to wire the electrical outlets
and various other things
that sometimes only our grandparents
can pass along to us.

Shortly after my husband and I were
married he started to show the signs
of Alzheimer's as many know the
disease not only trying on the patient
but just as hard if not harder on the family.
Eventually they had to make the decision
for him to go into a nursing home.
My husband's grandmother
would go every day and visit with him.

The last time we went to see him
before he passed. We had our oldest
who was about 2 1/2 at the time with us.
Grandpa kept calling my husband his dad's name
and our son my husband's name.
When we left my husband was so upset
and told me he didn't know me.
I replied to him and told him he knew you.
He just recognized you at another
time in your life when you happened
to be a little boy with your daddy.

So when my husband's brother
asked if he could give the car to
our oldest who had just
started to drive we said sure.

Little did we know at the time it
would soon become my husband's
car that he drove to work everyday.

Until a couple of years ago when
the inevitable started to happen.
My husband repaired what he could,
but the car unfortunately sat more than
it was driven. He came close on more
than one occasion to have it taken away,
but would always change his mind.
Well this past weekend the car was
towed away and so was the end of an era.

Another Busy Week....

The week started off with our boys
heading off to school.
Our youngest didn't want his
photo to be taken, but
he finally gave me a quick smile.

A very rare photo is the one of
our middle son. I was able to
convince him to smile for me.

I didn't even bother with my
oldest plus he had already
left to go to his morning class.

So hard to believe how fast
the time goes by.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a week....

A lot has went on this week.
I decided to take the week off.
Plans were to attend Lance's Open House,
go to the water park, do a little shopping,
a little stitching and whatever else we
were in the mood to do.

The night before the Open House
I received an email thanking me for volunteering
to be one of the Room Parents....WHAT???
I quickly responded and said I had signed up to volunteer
and I am pretty sure I didn't select Room Parent.
Since those moms are usually
at the school all the time.

Thinking it had all been taken care of
I go to the Open House.
The teacher starts off by thanking me
for being the Room Parent.
I quickly explained that I really don't have
the time commitment to be at all
the parties and functions
that take place during the year.
Evidently the other mom didn't sign up for it either
because the teacher looked at me
with a smile on her face and
told me she doesn't have a Room Parent.
She assures me it is just coordinating and
sending emails, but we shall see.
We then spent the afternoon at the water park again.
Which was a good call since the weather started
to take a turn later in the week due to the impending
visit of Hurricane Irene.
Well yesterday was definitely a little rainy here.
However, that didn't stop me and one of my friends
enjoying another friends Longaberger Open House.
Where I was able to pick up these beauties
as part of her cash and carry.
We were so close to In Stitches our local
needlework store that we of course had to stop by
and peruse the selections.
I picked up some NPI silks as well as this beauty...

Had to have the new Blackbird Designs Sampler book.
It is a beauty and so worth picking up.

While we were there one of the young ladies had
her finished Anniversaries of the Heart
which is absolutely beautiful.
She worked on it as they were released.
We were able to see her work in progress at the
lock-ins held at In Stitches.
It was wonderful to see the beautiful piece completed.

Well when I planned to take the week off
the intent was to spend time with my guys
before they all start go back to school.
As well as get some things done around the house.
Stitch a little.
Spend some time with a friends.
Little did I know
the earth below me would decide to shake.
I would indeed be a Room Parent for the 2nd grade.
Followed by a visit from Hurricane Irene.

Not exactly everything I had planned for the week.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


This weekend is my needlework groups retreat!

I always look forward to this opportunity to get away.

Love my guys but this trip does not include them!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good way to end the week...

Took my little guy and we headed to the water park after
I got home from work.
Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera so I used the camera on
my phone, which doesn't do the best photos. Sorry for the poor quality.

He had a blast...

First being a boy what captured his attention was
the fountain to use to wash your feet before returning to the pool
from the picnic is the little things in life.
soon the fascination wore off and it was off to the slide...
and then my favorite the lazy river....
looks like he is enjoying it as well....
only one huge difference between the two of us.
He can't wait to make one loop around I can go around,
and around and around and then a few more times.
Only problem was someone had to keep an eye on him.
Oh well, next time I will drag another set of eye's with us.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just had to....

Ok, yesterday afternoon I had to pick up some small gifts for my nieces. It is their brother's birthday later this week and I always get something for all of them. Anyway, I went to the local card store and found these really cute glass heart shaped necklace's with lace ribbons to send to them.
While there I happened to spy this....
It is now hanging on the door handle to my home office.
I thought it was too cute and appropriate to pass up.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

I know it is probably hard to believe but I haven't. Things have been extremely busy here. Between work and the house. I have also had a few other diversions. First up though I taught myself how to use a sewing machine. Impressed - aren't you????!!!!

My first project was making curtains for my living room and dining room combo area. Here is a photo from my night to host bunco.
Here is one more photo of the table set up from a different angle. Having a house full of boys - I have found this is one of the few opportunities to be a little girly. Even though one of the ladies who was subbing was surprised I had boys. I told here that is what happens when you are Queen of the house. Sorry Duchess and Queen Elizabeth but here I am HRM.
This is what was taking up a tremendous amount of my free time. Here is a little more of a close up of the curtains flash didn't want to cooperate so this is the best I could do.
If that wasn't enough I did a slip cover for my chair. I still need to do the seat cushion. The chair was originally in what I call "Rooster Fabric" not the real name but seems more fitting - anyway. I decided to make the slipcover my own by going with a patchwork style. I used the check print the sofa is in and the "Rooster Fabric" to mix and match a little. I thought it turned out pretty good for the first go at a slip cover.
This is the most comfortable chair especially for getting a little stitch you know what going on. The threads however were getting a little bare in some areas. We bought this set in 2002 and love it and I just can't bring myselfto get something else especially with the boys and dogs.

Then of course to make room for my sewing machine my home office/sewing room had to be modified. So I brought my husband's grandmothers Singer sewing machine base up (with some help from the hubby and one of the boys). I added a cut piece of wood that I will paint at some point and voila sewing table that fits right in with a little sentimental value as well.
The sampler on the shelf ledge I found yesterday at a store I go to for vintage finds. This is the place I found my sleigh at and the huge wall unit in my home office. I haven't been in forever, and just thought I would pop in for a quick look.
Almost missed it completely they had it hidden in a room geared towards vintage children items. On the floor behind a chest. First time thru I missed it completely. However, I have learned to always go back thru the rooms again it takes a while for me at least to process everything. Especially when accompanied by a seven year old young man.

MOOOMMM - Are we done yet? No
I am so tired! Your seven how can you be tired
I wanna go home! When I am finished
When are you going to finished? When I am done
It is so hot out! The whole country is hot get used to it

It is amazing I spotted it at all. It is just a very cute and charming sampler probably done in the 50's but thought I would be perfect for my home office and the best part it was only
$19 - yes $19 DOLLARS!!!!
So here is my updated work area.
So as you can see I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

I have been pretty busy and there are several other items in the works as well. So don't be surprised at some exciting news in a few months....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wow - what a long time it has been.....

I can't believe it has been four months since my last post. Talk about embarassing.....Things have been extremely busy these last few months both at home and work. Not that things have slowed done but I will begin to make more of an effort. So much has happened that it would be impossible to even begin to update so I will just start fresh.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The little joys in life...

I still had a small tank with just a little bit
of helium left over from Lance's B-Day party.

We decided to blow up the balloons until
there was no helium left.

I tied them to the weight we had left over
and viola my little guy decided
to create his own punching fun

looks like the balloons one this one though.

Oh to be seven again.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Slip slidding away...

Another fine day filled with ice and snow.
This is what we awoke to this morning
this wasn't suppose to start until later
today so we still have more heading our way.
It is the lovely snow, freezing rain mix
if you are enjoying the same weather - stay safe

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cold here...

I don't know about the weather where you are at
but it has been freezing here. I have enjoyed staying in more
due to the weather which has resulted in more time to stitch.

Today I played lunch lady at Lance's school.
We have to take turns volunteering instead of the
school having to have full time lunch support staff.
This is the first time it was my turn to volunteer.
For each child in the school you have four days
you have to volunteer or you have to pay
an additional fee on top of tuition.
We opted to volunteer and it was fun to see
all the kids and to spend the time with them.
I think the next time will be Dad's turn.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Again...

We received just a little bit of the snow that hit last night.
Just enough to delay school for two hours.
Which results in delaying me going to work
by two hours since I have to
get the little guy to school.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe
this morning especially those of you
in the Northeast and South.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's the weekend...

Woke up to snow this morning the nice
thick flakes which lasted for about
an hour and left about two inches
on the ground which disappeared quickly.

This morning was our guild meeting
which was a sit-in-stitch. We haven't
had one in a while so it was nice to
have a meeting that everyone could work
on their project or just catch up after the holidays.

Our youngest had basketball - this is his
first year and they are quite funny running around
trying to figure out what they are suppose to do.

We did soccer a couple of years ago and he
didn't care for it too much. We are going
to ice skating lessons to see if he takes
to ice hockey like his brothers do.
Fortunately I still have quite a collection
of pads, helmets, pants, sticks, skates....
a small fortune I should say.
If he has no interest I will finally be able
to convince my husband it is time to get rid of them.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!