Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interesting couple of weeks....

The last few weeks at work have been extremely busy, which is a very good thing but leaves time for little else. I did attend the DC Big Flea last weekend and purchased my first quality antique sampler, which I absolutely feel in love with. I am considering reproducing it, so right now I am researching the sampler to find out what I can about it. I have bought a couple of other samplers, but nothing of this quality. I was so excited to find it and to be able to own it. I have it proudly hanging in my office.

I leave next week to go to EGA's seminar in Pittsburgh, so glad it isn't this weekend after the G20 Summit. I really don't know why any city would want to host these summits given the protest that go along with them. I will be attending the Judging class which is a component of the Appraisal program I began in June. If anyone is interested in having their needlework appraised, feel free to contact me. It is a good idea to have appraisals for insurance purposes for needlework you have produced, family heirlooms or your collection.

Have a great week!

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