Saturday, January 30, 2010


The beginning of the year has flown by. Back to work, back to school (for me) and tons of things I want to get done and no time to do so. As you could probably tell from my earlier photos I paint old furniture white and the table I now have my computer on was no exception. A few weeks ago I had my husband bring this oldie, but goodie up from the basement. I have had this table for about 15 years and decided it would be great for my office. Below is a photo of the bottom - I thought I took one of the top as well but apparently I didn't. I just now noticed there is a nerf bullet next to it (did I say how much I love my boys???).

Here is a before and in progress......

and here it is finished...

I had to completely rearrange my office, but here goes

Here are some better photos of my dogs. Scarlet is the Standard Poodle and is ten years old, Chanel is the Shar Pei and she is six years old. Whenever I am in my office they are always right there. Scarlet under my desk next to my feet and Chanel laying near the french doors.

Today we are the receipients of another snow storm. Here is the view out of my front door. Sorry our "Don't Tread on Me Flag" was caught in the photo. We have a pond across the street. A few years ago it was cold enough we were able to let the boys skate on it - hockey gear and all. Boy did the neighbors light up our message board on that one.
Apparently a lot of folks in our neighborhood don't realize if it has been cold long enough ponds are all right to skate on...
even in Northern Virginia.


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous office! Lucky you. Your pups are adorable. Enjoy the snow!

  2. Love your photos and your "new" office...the furniture refinishing is lovely and the doggies add just the right warm-hearted touch.
    I remember fondly my Golden offering his foot warmer services when always laying at my feet.

    Hooray for snow, enjoy!