Thursday, August 19, 2010


Oh boy where in the world do I begin???
We had our retreat this past weekend for our
Sampler Guild so I will warn you this
is a picture heavy blog update

How about if I start here?

This is the view I had from the window
of the room I stayed in for the weekend.
It is absolutely gorgeous - and so peaceful.
No phones, No TV, No distractions.

Allowed for a wonderful weekend spent
with my stitching friends.

I arrived early and helped set up when the
participants arrived they were welcomed
to tables loaded with bottles of
water, flowers and bookmark with
the design from last years project.

and then the ladies began to arrive
and before you knew it 30 women
with all of the required stitching paraphernalia
were set up and ready to go.

as you can see we are very serious when it comes to
stitching, chatting, eating and buying.

Friday night included time to shop!
what retreat isn't complete
without the ability to buy stitching supplies?

Show and Tell

We have some very talented ladies in our group!

Saturday was project day
The wonderful ladies who put the retreat
together continually amaze us with
the creativity of the projects they come
up with for us to work on while there.
I am happy to report I was able to complete both!!!

Project Number 1

The boxes were already painted with photos of
last years project decoupaged to the lid.
We had to cover the inside with the fabric and
then we made the tomato and attached the bead
and ribbon to our scissors to make a fob.
The ladies had completed all the prep work
we had to finish the items off.

Project Number 2

Sorry this photo is so blurry.
I tried several times but my
camera would not cooperate.
We had our choice of two designs.
I selected the pumpkin because fall is
right around the corner and I thought
this would be cute to have for Halloween.

As I said this was a photo heavy post
but I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Oh wow, it sounds like such a fun time! I loved seeing all the photos. I can't imagine being surrounded by all those finished pieces and trying to concentrate on my own stitching! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness that the retreat looks like so much fun. I hope to get the info about your guild and this really looks great to me.

  3. The guild I belong to is Loudoun Sampler Guild and I am the President so let me extend a warm welcome to you. We recently set up a blog all of our information can be found here

    Thanks for your post - this has prompted me to add our guild to my links.