Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Actual Stitching

Yes in between all of the snow there has been
actual stitching that has taken place here.

I knitted Lance a hat and pair of gloves.
Just in time I might add.

I love this yarn it is by Green Mountain Spinnery
in Mountain Mohair the pattern is actually
from their book aptly named Green Mountain Spinnery Book
and can be viewed here

Anyway I always stop at their booth when visiting
which is always the first weekend in May.

I have also worked some more on my Long Dog Sampler
which is Bears the saying at the top is
"Do and Undo the Day is Long Enough"
I am happy to report I have finished the top half and
I am now ready to move to the bottom half
I am using Edinburgh Cream for the Fabric
and Gloriana Threads in Cranberry.

Here is a close up

and of course what would a day be like around here
without a picture of our most recent snow storm

I am beginning to think I have been transported from
Northern Virginia to Alaska.

Hey Sarah do you
think you can teach me to hunt Caribou???

To which I am sure she would reply "You Betcha!"


  1. Fabulous knitting! Very timely! ;) Your Long Dog is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the Gloriana color that you're using.

  2. You've done so much on the Long Dog Sampler since I last saw it. Sure is a beauty!