Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just a little update....

Yesterday was my first Ash Wednesday!!! Shortly after my husband and I married he converted to Catholicism and I did not. I made the decision this past summer to convert so I have been attending RCIA classes every Tuesday. I was allowed to participate in Ash Wednesday and tomorrow evening my husband and I are going to do the Stations of the Cross. This is all new to me so I am learning. I didn't realize how much it would mean to me to wear the ashes I am looking forward to my confirmation and eucharists. Not to sure about the confession part, but I will get to do that in a few weeks. I have a small project I have been working on. I think I needed a quick finish.

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  1. Wow, LaDonna! That is wonderful, congratulations. I have a few friends that converted as adults and it has really enriched their lives. I'm a cradle Catholic. Welcome to the family. ;) Don't worry about Confession... truthfully, I get all bungled up every time I go in that I forget what to say & just tell that to the priest, and then go from there. I figure it could never be worse than when I was in CCD as a kid, and my friend Mary Kate went into the confessional and this big BOOM ricocheted throughout the church. She knelt on the kneeler and it broke. LOL