Sunday, July 24, 2011

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

I know it is probably hard to believe but I haven't. Things have been extremely busy here. Between work and the house. I have also had a few other diversions. First up though I taught myself how to use a sewing machine. Impressed - aren't you????!!!!

My first project was making curtains for my living room and dining room combo area. Here is a photo from my night to host bunco.
Here is one more photo of the table set up from a different angle. Having a house full of boys - I have found this is one of the few opportunities to be a little girly. Even though one of the ladies who was subbing was surprised I had boys. I told here that is what happens when you are Queen of the house. Sorry Duchess and Queen Elizabeth but here I am HRM.
This is what was taking up a tremendous amount of my free time. Here is a little more of a close up of the curtains flash didn't want to cooperate so this is the best I could do.
If that wasn't enough I did a slip cover for my chair. I still need to do the seat cushion. The chair was originally in what I call "Rooster Fabric" not the real name but seems more fitting - anyway. I decided to make the slipcover my own by going with a patchwork style. I used the check print the sofa is in and the "Rooster Fabric" to mix and match a little. I thought it turned out pretty good for the first go at a slip cover.
This is the most comfortable chair especially for getting a little stitch you know what going on. The threads however were getting a little bare in some areas. We bought this set in 2002 and love it and I just can't bring myselfto get something else especially with the boys and dogs.

Then of course to make room for my sewing machine my home office/sewing room had to be modified. So I brought my husband's grandmothers Singer sewing machine base up (with some help from the hubby and one of the boys). I added a cut piece of wood that I will paint at some point and voila sewing table that fits right in with a little sentimental value as well.
The sampler on the shelf ledge I found yesterday at a store I go to for vintage finds. This is the place I found my sleigh at and the huge wall unit in my home office. I haven't been in forever, and just thought I would pop in for a quick look.
Almost missed it completely they had it hidden in a room geared towards vintage children items. On the floor behind a chest. First time thru I missed it completely. However, I have learned to always go back thru the rooms again it takes a while for me at least to process everything. Especially when accompanied by a seven year old young man.

MOOOMMM - Are we done yet? No
I am so tired! Your seven how can you be tired
I wanna go home! When I am finished
When are you going to finished? When I am done
It is so hot out! The whole country is hot get used to it

It is amazing I spotted it at all. It is just a very cute and charming sampler probably done in the 50's but thought I would be perfect for my home office and the best part it was only
$19 - yes $19 DOLLARS!!!!
So here is my updated work area.
So as you can see I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

I have been pretty busy and there are several other items in the works as well. So don't be surprised at some exciting news in a few months....

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  1. Everything in your home looks lovely!! Love your work space and your found sampler!!