Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of an era

This past weekend my husband
finally made the decision
to let the car that belonged
to his grandfather go.

My husband has very fond
memories of his grandfather
and spent a tremendous
amount of time with him
and his grandmother

Fortunately I was able to meet
and get to know them as well.

My husband's grandfather
taught him how to fish
and survive in the bush.
His grandparents had a
cottage someplace in Canada
that had minimal modern
conveniences, but apparently
they all loved it.

It was here they fished,
played, spent time together.

His grandfather taught him
how to fix things - which I
thank him dearly for.
My husband's father isn't a
handyman - so those skills
would not have been passed on by
him, so it was his grandfather
that taught him wood working,
how to fix the plumbing,
how to wire the electrical outlets
and various other things
that sometimes only our grandparents
can pass along to us.

Shortly after my husband and I were
married he started to show the signs
of Alzheimer's as many know the
disease not only trying on the patient
but just as hard if not harder on the family.
Eventually they had to make the decision
for him to go into a nursing home.
My husband's grandmother
would go every day and visit with him.

The last time we went to see him
before he passed. We had our oldest
who was about 2 1/2 at the time with us.
Grandpa kept calling my husband his dad's name
and our son my husband's name.
When we left my husband was so upset
and told me he didn't know me.
I replied to him and told him he knew you.
He just recognized you at another
time in your life when you happened
to be a little boy with your daddy.

So when my husband's brother
asked if he could give the car to
our oldest who had just
started to drive we said sure.

Little did we know at the time it
would soon become my husband's
car that he drove to work everyday.

Until a couple of years ago when
the inevitable started to happen.
My husband repaired what he could,
but the car unfortunately sat more than
it was driven. He came close on more
than one occasion to have it taken away,
but would always change his mind.
Well this past weekend the car was
towed away and so was the end of an era.

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