Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

We have lived in our neighborhood for 4 Easters. The first Easter we were here there were just a few kids only about 15 houses in the neighborhood. For our 2nd Easter here our neighborhood began to put together an Easter Egg Hunt the weekend before Easter. They do one on Friday night for the older kids and a flashlight is required. For the younger children (under 5) on Saturday morning they had their Easter Egg Hunt. This is the first year Lance was able to participate the Friday night Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. He was so excited he had his flashlight ready three weeks ago. When I got home Friday night at 5:00 he started when do we do the egg hunt as he called it. I kept telling him it had to be dark out. Finally we were able to head down at 8:00 for the 8:15 start. Here he is as we make the walk down. I just now noticed same sweatshirt he had on in the photo with my mom. He hates coats and I am just happy to get any sweatshirt we can find. He also loves John Deere, but I assure you he has plenty of clothes.

It was hard to believe how many children are now in the neighborhood and it is only about 1/2 way completed. There were probably 60 children along with their parents. I didn't include photos of the true insanity of all the children running around, because I didn't know how some of my neighbors would feel with me posting their children's pictures on my blog. Needless to say it was mayhem I talked to some of my neighbors while the kids took off. John our middle son who felt he was too old to participate was willing to "help" Lance out. So Lance pulled in quite a haul. What you don't see in the photo below is that he is actually coming back and his basket is completely full of eggs (which includes candy....lots of candy)

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