Saturday, April 24, 2010

Disney - Day 2

Saturday Lance started his day with a character breakfast

Of course he thought the Mickey Mouse plate and
waffles were funny...

Pooh stopped by our table first.
Personally Pooh is my all time favorite.

Tigger of course wasn't far behind

Snow White was absolutely beautiful and Lance of course
recognizes she is beautiful and takes his opportunity to hug
Snow White. John would not join in the picture
so she called him Bashful just like one of her dwarfs.
He still wouldn't join in....

Mad Hatter was the last to visit our table. Lance
didn't quite know what to make of him and his hat.

I had to take a photo of the above. This was given to Disney
by France and still works. However, due to how loud
it is they had it turned off. This is mounted in the wall above the
seating area.

Once breakfast was finished we were off to the
Richard Petty Driving experience. William was so
excited he couldn't stand it. What 19 year old boy
wouldn't love to get into a race car and be allowed
to drive 123 mph's. Needless to say he
had a blast and was beaming the whole time.

Here he is suited up and ready to go.

Photo of him with Richard Petty's race car

Here he is taking one of his laps around the track.

With Dad afterwards.

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