Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Stitching

It has definitely been a while since I actually provided
a stitching update. This past weekend our guild was
able to visit the home of a designer who is in the
process of moving and no longer designing.
She was selling items she didn't want to move and I have to
tell you the collection she had amassed was unbelieveable.
I picked up several out of print books.

and I believe the entire collection she had of Fine Lines Magazine.
These are extremely hard to find and when you do find them on
ebay they can go for quite a bit. I kept debating and then
I finally just took the plunge.

I am in search of a slate frame and trestle.
I hear they are wonderful for stitiching projects on,
but in the US extremely hard to find.
I am trying to convince my husband to make them for me.
In the meantime I have ordered a set of evertite stretcher bars.
I have put them together and I am getting ready to tack
down my fabric. I just need to pick up the correct tacks to use.

I am still debating if I want to use the evertite frame for
my next project of persuade my husband on the slate frame...

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