Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Disney's Animal Kingdom - Day 1

We just got back from Disney.
We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and had a great time.

This photo was taken at the lodge as we headed
off to the park. Not everyone was awake yet.

These lovely pelicans were right outside our window
and this photo was taken our first morning so
there is a little fog due to the humidity.

The antler's were absolutely amazing,
I don't know how they carried them they looked very heavy.

Our room had a view of the Savannah and
I was able to capture a few pictures.
William brought his camera along so I will have
to snag some of his photos as well.
He takes great pictures he has a great eye.

Here is a photo of feeding time at the Savannah.
They were placing tree branches in the top of the tree
for the giraffes to eat.

On our first day we went to Animal Kingdom
and our first stop was the Safari I had heard great
things about it so off we went.

I thought this was a great view of the giraffe's,
wildebeest (I think I have that right)
and our safari vehicles.

The lion scratching his neck.

The lioness resting...evidently she lounges around like
this for nine hours a day. Why can't we all have lives
like that lounge around and enjoy the sun. She didn't budge.

Well as you can tell we had great weather for our first day.
The boys had a great time at the Park.
I will gradually add more over the next few days.

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