Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas
and received everything you ever wanted.
Ours was good. I spent most of my time
baking and then hosted my family at our
house on Christmas Day.

When Santa dropped off Lance's dog
early he left a letter for Lance.
Here is proof Santa did visit our
house Christmas Eve. He asked
Lance to leave out cookies which we
did and apparently Santa only takes one bite.
Must be because of all the houses he has
to stop at and probably wants to avoid cookie overload.

Today has been spent taking the kids to
pick up items with the Christmas money
they received and the rest of my day once
I am finished here will be spent stitching.
Tomorrow morning as long as the snow we are
beginning to receive isn't too bad - I along
with one of my stitching pals will be making
the trek to In Stitches for the early opening and
they encourage pajama wearing...which for the
first time I will be doing.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday and
staying warm and safe!


  1. Hello LaDonna,
    Your Christmas tree is very pretty. I had to laugh at the one bite of the cookie. We did the same thing for our older DDs and now for my youngest DD. That is such fun.
    Thanks for stopping in at my blog dear.

  2. We do the same cookie tradition with our kids, even though they're 16 & 20 now! I hope you got to go to In Stitches and that the snow wasn't too bad!

  3. Hello there, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too !! I love your cookie tradition.. Going to a LNS in pajama's sounds like fun !!