Friday, December 10, 2010

A little early present...

Well most people will think I we have
completely lost our minds and you know
what I think I would have to agree with them.

Our youngest has asked for his own dog for a year.
It even made it on his Christmas list.
We currently have three dogs.
My husband and I decided well each kid
does deserve to have their own dog.
So Santa made an early pit stop at our house.
Apparently according to the note it is too cold
for little doggies to stay in the
North Pole so they went ahead and dropped off the little one.

So Lance had a little bit of a surprise when he got home

and so did our three dogs...

Shuey our current Shih- Tzu might be liking the fact
we now have a girl Shih-Tzu....

The other two didn't quite know what to make of
this fourth one showing up.

With a little help from me we now have a Lola.

My mom may be a little surprised by
the name since it was her mother's name....
Hope my Mamaw doesn't mind.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome, Lola!! It looks like your son is just a *little* happy with his gift. ;)